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The Benefits of Law Enforcement Officers Using Weapon Sights

Gun sights and boresights can be of great benefit for law enforcement officers to use as part of their gun devices. While there are a wide variety of various kinds of gun sights and boresights readily available, a few of the most popular ones are from SightMark which is a company that produces award-winning products that are created for hunting, shooting and tactical uses.


A popular weapon sight which would be an excellent advantage to policemans is the SightMark Tactical Red Dot Sight which is a best reflex sight for tactical rifles, shotguns or pistols. The SightMark Tactical Red Dot Sight features a built-in integrated Weaver/Picatinny mount which fits all conventional bases and has the ability to withstand heavy recoil calibers. This SightMark Tactical Red Dot Sight is exceptionally accurate and includes endless eye relief and accuracy multi-coated optics.


Another great option in weapon sights for officers is the SightMark Ultra Shot QD Digital Switch Reflex Sight which was developed in order to please the need for a light-weight, durable and accurate sight. This gun sight is ideal for close range, fast moving targets, and it is equipped with a digital switch button on the side which enables policemans to adjust variable brightness settings. The SightMark Ultra Shot QD Digital Switch Reflex Sight including the digital switch button likewise allows law enforcement policemans to not have to tinker a laborious dial any longer and permits them to be able to take pleasure in the added convenience and smooth look of a push button. The Sightmark Ultra Shot QD Digital Reflex Sight also includes a fast detach mount that is best for fast removal when iron sights or other devices are used.


Another popular gun accessory for officers is boresights. One that has been kept in mind to be a best seller is the SightMark.223 Boresight which is the most convenient and accurate method for sighting in rifles of all types. The user just has to chamber the laser boresight like a regular bullet and a laser dot will reveal precisely where the rifle is aiming. Live fire is just had to fine tune the weapon being spotted in order to compensate for inconsistencies such as bullet drop due to distance.


While there are a wide variety of weapon sights and boresights that could be an excellent advantage to policemans, these are simply a few of the most popular products from SightMark. These weapon sights and boresights are a terrific addition to police devices in order to supply more accuracy and accuracy when shooting.


ICA Cops Gear is a company which is family owned and run with a 12-year history in law enforcement. It is our desire to provide the very best quality police equipment at an affordable cost to our fellow police families. We are dedicated to offering exceptional customer service and pride ourselves in being a business that is devoted to honesty and stability and will constantly do our finest to offer you with the very best possible service.

Post by romhunt (2016-07-02 05:16)

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